CrowdView at Roskilde 2016: Crowd-safety Managers Redirecting Pedestrian's Flow


'We worked with Roskilde crowd-safety managers to co-design CrowdView.'

Each year, the Roskilde Festival invites about 130.000 people to join the 8 day festival featuring art installations, crowd-organized activities and of course MUSIC. The entire festival area is divided up into 71 campsites, stages and parking areas, each managed by safety managers and their team of volunteers. 

Following a user-centered approach, Sofie Dahl, crowd-safety manager at Roskilde festival, co-designed CrowdView with us and continuously provided feedback on the user Interface and contributed many user-stories.

As reported by crowd safety manager Sofie, CrowdView came in handy in their work, - E.g. when she coordinated the crowd flow between the orange and arena stage (see image). As the responsible officer in the area had already seen some challenges with the way the audience filled up the front of stage area, CrowdView provided an extra dimension to the understanding of the crowds placement in the area.

CrowdView gave the control room a excellent overview on how the Arena area started to get irregularly filled on the left side but not on the right side. In order to fill up the space on the other side of the stage, the flow of people was directed out of the inner field and back in via a gate that had more capacity and into an area with more space. This was set in motion via the crowd safety personnel on the floor, and the control room could help with the situation.

'Personnel in the control room could see the direct results of the field teams efforts with redirecting flow.'

CrowdView supported the control center in getting a sense of the crowd's motion from above and dynamically coordinate with the responsible field officers to change the pedestrian flow in the area.

It's been an interesting project, excellent team and awesome festival. We were mentioned along other research projects in the Danish media, for example at Computerworld.