Roskilde Festival


About Roskilde Festival

  • The largest North European culture and music festival.
  • Has existed since 1971.
  • A non-profit organization.
  • Approximately 32.000 volunteers.
  • All in all approximately 130.000 participants.


About the Roskilde Festival and MagniWare Cooperation

Roskilde Festival is partner in the development of the following:


Special Conditions

  • Guest Privacy is extremely important.
  • Battery is a very valued “resource”.
  • Give “something” back to the guests.
  • No Test Period – “Testing while in Production”.
  • Alive for 8 days only.


Case Study

Roskilde Festival 2014:

Testing the solution


Roskilde Festival 2015 and 2016:

Full blown implementation (50.000+ clients), new and improved visualization, as well as the released user interaction.



If you want to try it out yourselves press here.


Additional information