Do you have the need of customer/guest location overview and analysis capabilities?


Do you communicate (or expect to do so) with your customers/guest via a company App?


If you can answer YES to these two questions, CrowdView may be exactly what you’re looking for!


CrowdTracker Screenshot


By using the CrowdView module, you gain the benefits of tools that can be used for:


Crowd Surveillance and Security.


Event Planning and Evaluation.


Crowd Behavior Based Marketing.




Furthermore can the CrowdView module be used for:


General Crowd Analysis.


Background Engine Purpose.

(for App intelligence/behavior based on clients locations)



CrowdView Teaser:



Additional information

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  • Try out the stand-alone CrowdView App (including a location view GUI).
  • Hear more about how-to implement the CrowdView Module API.
  • Know more in general.


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