CrowdView at Roskilde 2016: Crowd-safety Managers Redirecting Pedestrian's Flow


'We worked with Roskilde crowd-safety managers to co-design CrowdView.'

Each year, the Roskilde Festival invites about 130.000 people to join the 8 day festival featuring art installations, crowd-organized activities and of course MUSIC. The entire festival area is divided up into 71 campsites, stages and parking areas, each managed by safety managers and their team of volunteers. 



Approximately a month from now the guest are coming to one of the greatest festivals.

From our perspective, the integration process is ongoing right now, as well as the final dashboard development for the festival security office. Furthermore is the final preparation in terms of delivering live analysis (based on crowd location data) to the Roskilde Festival organization going on.


Fun Fact: The picture is based on real location data showing the transport flow to the festival last year (2015).


Big Data Project


In cooperation with IBM and CBM we’ll work on providing Big Data analysis based on multiple data sources. An example of data sources to be used are: Social Media Posts, Sales Information, Weather, Music Schedule, Event Logging and Crowd Location Data (provided via CrowdTracker).